Another Durban Web Designer Scandal

Headline in the Sunday Tribune states that Ethekwini Municipality needed a Facebook/Social Media page.

They gave it to Carver Media who charged half a million rands for ten days work. Apparently there is a GetOutofJailFree option where certain jobs do not have to go through the tender process. Then why have tender regulations?

Firstly, all of this can be done free of any charge. Second, ten days? Most web designers would have taken two or three days at the longest.

And thirdly – how on earth did Carver Media believe that this job was worth half a million rands? That’s obscene. I might have really ripped the municipality off and charged R20,000 and felt really lucky to get away with it. This rate is R104 a minute.

Remember the scandal over the three million rand World Cup website? This job is for:

  1. Two FB updates a week
  2. Three pics a week
  3. Send bulk email
  4. Twitter updates
  5. Upload Youtube vids
  6. Upload 20 pics to Instagram
  7. Advertise on it’s website

What a joke. There is a whole communications department with a web team and secondly, the municipality states that they ran out of time and in any case #welovedurban is owned by Carver Media.

It never ceases to incense me when I see huge numbers like this. Where did the half million rand come from????

Carver Media should justify to other web designers how it came to this amount.