Prospect Meetings – Down to Brass Tacks

bargainingmanIn most meetings, there’s a dealmaker/dealbreaker moment when you see how the prospect is going to choose who gets the gig. The raising of the price issue, getting you to quote before the meeting indicates that cost is going to be an important deciding factor. Stare back at the prospect and ask him what the budget is for the web development. He’ll have it in his mind for sure.

If he says “We don’t have one” – untrue. It’s probably a very low figure. If he says “R10,000” you know what you can provide even though the quote may be less than R10,000. Does this figure include hosting etc.?

If he comes out with “Not more than R4,000” then think of asking him how much a working website – one that brings new customers – is worth to his business? If he sells items at R50 then maybe not too much. But if it’s an engineering company, could be a great deal. So why the nickel and diming?

The prospect has to have some idea of the cost but if you and others have already submitted quotations he has a good idea and is prepared to pay around that rate. But, he may try and get you to include a bunch of extras for the same price.

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