Grief with IE8

Usually, it’s IE7 that’s the problem but there have been two instances in the last few days where IE8 has played up with problems I have never seen before.  Usually a cursory IE8 browser check requires a few CSS changes.,

Problem One

Disappearing images – nothing. All gone. Some considerable digging revealed I could put


into the image style and it would work. The disappearing trick affected any image with a style. Never seen it before. The hack worked. I suspected PIE but removing that from the style made no difference. Examined the rest of the CSS and it appeared fine. The images were fine in all browsers except IE8.

Problem Two

High tide body background.

I’ve had this before and add ‘fixed’ to CSS gradients and it sorts it out. Not this time. Put a plain colour on the body (or the <html>) and it’s fine. Again, only IE8.

I gave up on this one, for the time being but I will revisit it because this should never happen.

Problem Three

Disappearing background colours.  This is a problem related is CSS3PIE and when that is removed, voila!, they appear.  Don’t know why.

Problem Four

Mousing over a <div> and having the background colour show through. Strange and all IE8.

Thank you once again Bill.