Featured Website 01: Hill Billys


In the competitive tourism industry, website design has to be first class, particularly in the area of usability. Visitors have to be presented with a comprehensive amount of information of information on the home page without cramming. Continue reading

Featured Website Design : EeziPumps

Our client sells a variety of water pumps – pressure booster pumps, swimming pool pumps, sewage pumps and borehole pumps. This site is their third and focuses on the submersible pump range which includes sewage pumps, stainless steel dirty water pumps, borehole pumps and sewage lift stations.

water-booster-pumps.co.za and swimming-pool-pumps.co.za are some years old and, while they follow a Dynamic Drive CSS based layout, are not designed from the ground up to be responsive. The new website submersible-pumps.co.za uses a responsive grid  based on skeleton grid system. The system is very lightweight and easy to use unless you want nested cells where it battles. It seems to be eminently responsive insofar as it has been tested on small devices.submersible2

Its two other concessions to current web design practice are a slider using LayerSlider and a megamenu. I have yet to find a more flexible slider than LayerSlider although the implementation in this case is fairly straightforward. The megamenu is one from Code Canyon and is not really required with any degree of complexity.

Short descriptions of the various pumps help the visitor to decide on the one which will be best suited. Another nice feature is the built-in contact form – simple but enough for most uses. I love font-awesome but battled to find pump-type icons.

submersible3Like all our recent websites, the full contact details appear on every page, in this case in the left sidepanel but can also appear in the header. I’ve always disliked the ‘Contact Us’ page – one extra click on to a page that might or might not be understandable.