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Our website hosting and maintenance plan

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Our Website Maintenance Programme

A problem with most websites is dealing with updates so we provide a plan which removes this chore and includes:

  1. Regular search position audit and tuning when necessary
  2. Small updates to the website
  3. Browser based website statistics
  4. Ample disc space and bandwidth
  5. Latest server technology
  6. Local server for speed
  7. ... and free advice of course
  8. Comprehensive virus scanning and security

The fees depend on the activity on the website but are typically R350.00 per month. We offer a 5% discount for yearly payments. There is no contract. Our ISP responds to any problem within 30 minutes.

Many clients use our plan because the budget of their website is a known quantity each year. If they wish to retain their ISP they can but we cannot vouch for their service.

The monthly fee includes 30 minutes of attention to your website either adding content or search tuning. Larger jobs are invoiced separately.

The number of visitors to your website.

Where they came from.

Where they went in your website.

What they entered into search boxes to find you.

How long they stayed at your website.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our websites, our service and client relations.
 Phone 084 432 5907 or email us for answers to any questions.